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A First Nation artist from Gitxsan tribe. Born a life some consider hard life, to me its the way of living. Hard of hearing, but despite it, I've always enjoyed music whether it be in Clubs, concerts, festivals, and DJ circuit. On the other side of coin, I played soccer all my life, and that skill took me to places like Venezuela for a short stint, a memory I'll keep to heart! Through highschool, I learned the passion of Film making/editing/and Script writing. Things lifted up after I graduated and attended Vancouver Film School after my return from Venezuela. It was in Film School, one weekend on the outs, checking out clubs. I found my liking to electro music, and took the time to Mixs some songs and see how things go! You can find some of my mixs @ "MUSIC" under ::::DEEK's BLOG:::: Although this blog isn't entirely about the music I follow, nor the DJ set I like to make. It's about the one mystery, LIFE! Things changes over time. My favorite author quoted; "When all's said and done, all roads lead to the same end. So it's not so much which road you take, as how you take it." -Charles De Lint-


 DubChomper - Vol. 1 (Dubstep)

D££K™ newest dubstep mix sesh. 1hr. 9 mins. 

1) 12th PLANET & FLINCH - The End Is Near. Pt. 1 (D££K™ intro)
2) AFROJACK -  Make the Floor Shake Ft. Wiz Khalifa (Replica Rmx)
3) DEVIN MARTIN  - Killbot (Horror Stereo's Skynet VIP)
4) EVIL BASTARDS - Psy-Thuggin
5) DOWNLINK - Crippled Camel
6) DarkElixer - Headslung VIP
7) BURAKA SOM SISTEMA - Hangover (Caspa Remix)
8) ANDY'S III - Lifetime (Drivepilot Rmx)
9) HOOKY - Fallin'
10) METRIC - Collect Cali (Adventure Club Dubstep Rmx)
11) MUSTARD PIMP - Catch me Ft. Alec Empire (Access Denied Rmx)
12) BIOMETRIX - Nuclear Bomb
13) ENJOY ME - Obnoxious (Original mix)
14) MARK INSTINCT - Blazin'
15) REDNEK - Game Over (Calverton Rmx)
16) MEDICS - Mind Your Own Business
17) PHRENIK - Mainframe (Original Mix)
18) KLAYPEX - Lights
22) JOHN WILLIAMS - A Duel Of The Fates (The Noisy Freaks Ft. Dead C.T. Bounce Rmx)
23) GIRL UNIT - Wut
24) HERVE - Together (DJ Fresh Future Jungle Mix Edit)
25) JEUCE - Flavours (Bare Noize Rmx)
26) THE OTHERS - First Flight

August Trance Mix

Deek has finally posted his August Trance mix featuring the summer's big dance, and vocals, weaving together the sounds of Trance. Check this out on speakers or big headphones and let it take you over!

"Innocence, Go ask Alice" Dubstep mix.
Nero vs. The Widdler 
I don't normally do DUBSTEP mixes, but when I heard Nero "Innocence", I had to do something with it vs another artist that sets vibrant moods. The Widdler "Go ask Alice" and this is what came out of it. I hope you Enjoy it!

Leave a comment or whatever!

Innocence, Go Ask Alice - Dubstep Mix by Deek on Mixcloud

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BANGING MUSIC - Hardstyle (March Mix)

TAPPING THE DREAM - Psy-trance Mix

a 1hr 10 mins, 11 sec SESSION MIX of Full-on, psychedelic trance, and goa.


Felix, Daft Punk, Sesto Sento ft. Moby, Gataka, The One, Dynamic Volt, Paranormal  Attack, DJ Skazi, Hyper Drive, Sienis, Perplex, Aeon Pulse, Infected Mushroom, and Astrix.

 "LIFT ME UP"- Gataka vs Sesto Sento ft. Moby.

 It's always been a great thing to listen to Gataka and even Sesto sento (Both Israeli Producers)! ...with Moby Vocals "Lift me up" I'd think It'd be fun to work all of these great artist together and see what happens!.....enjoy!!!

"Lift Me Up" Gataka Vs. Sesto Sento (Moby) by Deek on Mixcloud

 Hello Love, will you Just Listen?

"Hello Love" makes for a great single, and everyone will agree that the true electronic dance sound of the production forms a perfect basis for Antonia's angelic vocals. Phynn's "Hello Love" caught the attention of Ferry Corsten, who immediately reserved it for his upcoming mix compilation. With that information in mind, it will be clear to all DJs that this new gem by Phynn will make it big.

With Myon and Shane 54 "Just Listen" remix, these two young producers have been setting the Trance scene alive in recent months, with a string of successful productions getting many heads interested. This remix starts off on a light note, before a hard beat and bass/percussive loop are introduced, working very well in conjunction with each other.



Hello Love, Will You Just Listen? (Trance Rmx) by Deek on Mixcloud


A friend of mine, Dylan. I asked him to send me two song i should mix together and he gave me Talamasca vs. XSI "Tribalagan" vs. Edward Maya "Stereo Love (Miditec remix).

I just played it quickly, and seen what happened with this psytrance mix!

Leave a comment and let me know what u think, and BIG UPS to you for ur time to listen! 

HAPPINESS by the Kilawatt
::::::::::::(Trance Mash-Up):::::::::::::

                                ADYMUS "KALEIDOSCOPE EYES (Original Mix)"

Already awarded Single Of The Month by Mixmag in their forthcoming October issue, Is It Real is the massive new release by dj/producer MaRLo featuring the vocal talents of Kristin Marlo.
Having stumbled upon each other on Myspace as they share the same name, this Australian/American collaboration resulted in a fantastic track combining tight beats, driving basslines, infectious melodies and, last but not least, Kristin's stunning vocal performance.

Adymus - Kaleidoscope Eyes boasts a trademark thunderous bottom end and a short, simple but devastatingly effective chopped vocal sample. The way it builds with luscious pads, sweet plucked melodies and rising euphoric synth lines is expertly done and an absolute delight. The breakdown with its soft choirs is sublime and the lead melody is subtle yet uplifting, smoothly building to a wonderful, drawn out climax with all the other elements complimenting to produce a constantly changing pattern of melodies and sounds. This is a real high quality trancer and shows that Adymus is as adept at this style as his is progressive – more please! 

I hope you enjoy this mix! It's been an uplifiting experience making these two amazing tracks.